Hayley Verrall releases charming new single, “Side of Small Town”

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Credit: Dan Stobbs

The Burlington, Ontario pop country singer-songwriter, envisions the power of love through a side of small town pride.

Hayley Verrall; "Side of Small Town"

Hayley Verrall, the Burlington-based singer-songwriter is capturing hearts across Canada with her charming musical touch! “Side of Small Town” marks her fourth single and, not to mention, a great start to kick off 2022, having been released on January 11th.

Verrall cleverly uses the allegory of a small town’s unwavering pride to illustrate how an unbreakable connection can form. In essence, if we can love someone the way a small town shows love for their home team, that special bond can’t be broken.

At a runtime of two-minutes-fourty-two seconds, the single opens with a bubbly pop country rhythm section that carries throughout. The pleasant instrumentation also matches Hayley Verrall’s glowing vocals in a tonally playful way. Both of which work in tandem to give the song’s lyrics and concept a life of its own.

“The anthemic melody of “Side of Small Town” visualizes the small town pride you see at college football games,” says Verrall.

“I wanted to transfer those same small town ideals to relationships. If you love someone with that ‘side’ of small town, that classic small town simplicity and loyalty, the relationship won’t break,” she continues.

Wholesome in nature, “Side of Small Town” certainly bolsters that small-town spirit, wrapped in a warm hug and delivered in a sweet audible kiss. Verrall’s delightful and anthemic single is also a surefire way to warm the heart and add to any Valentine’s Day musical playlist!



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