Good Vibes Only Fest 2019: Meet Archer+Kow!

Good Vibes Only Fest 2019: Meet Archer+Kow!

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Good Vibes Only Fest 2019: Meet Archer+Kow!

Just over a week from now, Good Vibes Only Fest 2019 will be kicking off. This year’s festival wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of Archer+Kow! Let’s get to know them, their initiative in the community and how they’re bringing their brand of good vibes to the festival!

Meet Archer+Kow

If you’ve been around the club scene in the last year or two, you’ve likely met Allison Oosterman and Kevin McKay. However, you might know them better by their brand, Archer+Kow. They’re two individuals with big hearts, big smiles and big visions. Together, they’ve been passionately fostering an inclusive, safe nightclub scene by incorporating positive values of diversity, wellness and empowerment.

Good Vibes Only Fest 2019: Meet Archer+Kow!
Archer+Kow (Allison Oosterman & Kevin McKay)

“The scene is not very large here in London, but we love the faces we regularly see and newcomers curious about a different style of music”, says Kevin. Through their association with Revolution Nightclub’s ‘Frequency Fridays’ events, the fibres of their vision are starting to weave into the reality they’ve been hoping for.

“The club scene has kind of a negative stigma because of the drugs and violence that happens around clubs”, Allison mentions. “We’ve been working to change that image and, so far, what we’ve seen has been amazing!”

Archer+Kow have been proactive outside the club scene as well, assisting with LONDONFUSE and other local initiatives. Last year saw the beginning of their Secret Garden event, where folks paid admission by donating canned goods. The canned goods were then donated to the London Food Bank. With Allison’s background in healthcare, Archer+Kow will begin making community connections to work with people facing developmental challenges.

Good vibes, the Archer+Kow way!

Good Vibes Only Fest 2019: Meet Archer+Kow!
Connor Philp & Kow
Good Vibes Only Fest 2019: Meet Archer+Kow!

Acknowledging their effort and enthusiasm, Spencer Frost, Director of Good Vibes Only, gave them a major role in the festival. The Archer+Kow Stage features a curated selection of electronic music to get you moving. “We love that he is giving us the freedom to put our own touch on everything”, Kevin joyfully stated. The stage and their role is an extension of their brand and their esteemed values.

Aside from hosting their own stage, Archer+Kow have a vision to transform Woodfield Manor. Inspired by Electric Forest and Shambala, the fantasy theme is meant to intrigue, mystify and guide attendees to each festival feature, creating a seamless experience you’ll have to see for yourselves!

The Archer+Kow Stage takes place Saturday night (April 20th), with performances by: Mike Palermo, Kow, Darien Knight & Wil, Bishop.Lo and Connor Philp.

Festival Details

Friday – Saturday, April 19 – 21, 2019
The Woodfield Manor, 493 Queens Avenue, London ON, N6B 1Y3
9:00pm (Friday evening) – 2:00am (Sunday morning)