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LDN_Reverb Glass Human

Glass Human – the name packs symbolism front to back. It might speak to the fragility of human nature, fracturing the shell and exposing who we are on the inside – or does it? One thing’s for sure, they’re anything but fragile!

The post-grunge four-piece comprises Phil Clarke (vocals / guitar), Adam Burwell (lead guitar),  Brett Gooding (bass) and Dylan McCormick (drums). It doesn’t take much to hear their influential roots of grunge legends like Nirvana and The Pixies, with nuances of The Tragically Hip interlaced in the lyrics. They take it to the next level by fuzing blues, folk, jazz and punk into their grungy sound.

Glass Human is both abrasive and polished. The songs are lyrically riddled with piercing sarcasm, backed by smooth, yet sharp guitar work. The bass keeps up with a dense tone, all tied together by the dynamic yet stomping drumming. The band uses restraint in their musicianship effectively, keeping the overall pace of their songs consistent and fresh. This allows for a controlled range; keeping the beast caged and, when necessary, cutting loose with explosive energy. Unlike glass, they’re flexible and human to the core.

With regards to their approach, the band states, “We stay within the boundaries of our roles but, when it comes to writing, we use all sources of creativity.”

Futuristic Rare

Fall 2016 saw the release of their debut self-titled EP, giving listeners a chance to get hooked. The EP prompted their well-received single, “Mannequins in Seattle”, showcasing their range and diversity. But wait – there’s more! 2019 is a big year for Glass Human, as they prepare to release their full-length debut, Futuristic Rare!

Having been given a preview of the album, it’s clear to see their EP was only a starting point, with much growth since then. As a matter of fact, the evolution of Glass Human’s sound is totally apparent in this release. It’s quite balanced and more consistent, having tracks like “Blue Dog” and “Mr And Miss Machine” throttle your earholes with solid rock, then bring you bluesy grooves with tracks such as “Branded By Luck” and “Jelly Bones”. Their versatility is remarkable and Glass Human knows how to hit the right tone at the right time. What’s more is the album was recorded live at The Watershed Studios, producing an organic, vibrant final product. The best part — it doesn’t even feel like a product.

Glass Human’s Futuristic Rare is a must-listen for fans looking to sink their teeth into a flavourful cross section of grunge, punk rock and blues.  Futuristic Rare is hitting your ears on February 9th!

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