REVERB_REVIEWS: Lost Arts ‘Let Me Go‘ EP

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Rock music – you know it and so it needs no introduction. Its definition has changed significantly over the years. Rock, at its core, sends us into an adrenaline rush with relatable lyrics coming to life with riffy, catchy rhythms. Enter London, Ontario’s Lost Arts with their blazing debut, the Let Me Go EP, released September 14th!

There’s a strong chemistry here that generates an honest, yet familiar sound. Take the components of what made Queens Of The Stone Age, Nirvana and Stone Temple Pilots so remarkable and you’re beginning to tread into the realm of Lost Arts. Their debut EP, Let Me Go, is everything  appreciators of solid rock would want to hear on this release. “Thick” and “chewy” are two terms which accurately describe their tuned down stoney-like chug and stomp.

“Explain Me Away” is the opening track that’ll be repeating itself in your head for days! It rocks so hard, you’d it swear could be on the radio. It’s got that perfect deep-rooted late 90s, early 2000s feel to it.

To fully appreciate the range of this EP, take a listen to “Poetry Is Dead”. The lyrics and vocal style weave seamlessly with the heavy, sloshy instrumentals to create a grungy thought piece on the subject of heartache and abandonment. The hard, grimy riffs are truly something to be appreciated as they lend lend a feeling similar to Alice In Chains and compliment the direction and atmosphere of the track.

Let Me Go is a strong listen through and through. It’s flexible in the way that no matter how it bends, it still maintains its integrity. The EP is held together with a few solid bangers and some slower tracks while still managing to keep its overall consistency. What you get with this entry is a rarity in that Lost Arts have a strong direction and idea in mind with their sound, all the while leaving room to experiment and grow. This offering is a sign of very promising things to come! If you haven’t got it, get it!

Lost Arts are getting ready to rock Rum Runners on September 28th with Bodhi Jar, Gypsy Chief Goliath and Ready The Prince for their EP release party. In the meantime, you can keep tabs on them through their social media.

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