FCLMA Rap Pack Spotlight

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Tomorrow evening, Downtown London’s Victoria Park will be packed with citizens eager to usher in the new year. Start.ca is hosting the New Year’s Eve In The Park celebration, which will feature several notable local performers.

The Forest City London Music Awards will also be playing a large role in the festivities, showcasing some of London’s hard working emcees and DJs for the ‘FCLMA Rap Pack’.

Let’s get to know the Rap Pack.

JR Fillion

LDN_Reverb FCLMA Rap Pack Spotlight

A versatile captivating singer/songwriter, J.R Fillion is a soulful, passionate performer who takes listeners on a journey through a musical world where negativity and downfall meet, positivity and achievement. His lyrics are reflective of feelings that he’s experienced, and feelings he’d like to create for listeners.

He’s won multiple awards for his music and creative imagination for video planning, ideas and sets. Fillion has won multiple awards for his music and creativity, taking home the “Best Hip-Hop award” in 2017 and in 2016.

Fillion was invited to Brooklyn, New York to take part in the “Team Back-Pack Cypher” of June, 2016. J.R Fillion – Team Back Pack live performance While in New York J.R took advantage of the big city and many of its iconic locations, he decided to plan and film an amazing video titled, “City Life.”

Listen to JR Fillion here.


LDN_Reverb FCLMA Rap Pack Spotlight


In short, Sum-01 (sum-one) kicks raps over dope beats. Her style; has yet to find a box to fit in. Her image; unique all to her own. Her influences; strong female emcee’s from the early 90’s.

She raps, and DJ Hullewud spins her boom-bap sounds. Often jacking new school beats, blending with her old school sound.

Sum-01 is a breath of fresh air. Her music resonates with Hip-Hop culture purists, aficionados, curators and devotees to old school sound.

Listen to Sum-01 here.

Ashley Weisbeck

LDN_Reverb FCLMA Rap Pack Spotlight

Ashley Weisbeck is a London, Ontario singer, actress and model who will be showcasing her skills for the Start.ca New Years Eve In The Park. Her musical repertoire generally consists of pop covers ranging from Celine Dion, Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift and The Weeknd (just to name a few).

Her passionate voice is crystal clear and full of heart. It’s no wonder why her YouTube channel has nearly 3,000 subscribers! With half a million views stemming from only three of her nineteen videos (with a combined total of nearly a million views), it goes without saying her talents will make an amazing contribution to the FCLMA Rap Pack!

Listen to Ashley Weisbeck here.

DJ Alex Ven

LDN_Reverb FCLMA Rap Pack Spotlight

Alex Ven is an independent producer, DJ and musician based in London, Ontario who has been an active member in the local music scene for a number of years. He’s produced for various London talent such as JR Fillion and Alex Foster-Roman and has had music released on APDAP Records.

Performances range from brooding electronic beats to alternative rock with a twist. Approaching two million streams on the music platform Soundcloud, Alex Ven has always had a knack for crafting new and innovating music and was a featured artist on EDMTunes in 2014. He could not be more excited to help kick off the 2019 New Year Celebration in Victoria Park!

Listen to DJ Alex Ven here.