Forest City London Music Awards (FCLMA) expanding eligibility region in response to community requests

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FCLMA extends representation area to include additional locales.

The FCLMA has been a staple in the growth and development of London’s music community nearing twenty years. The volunteer-driven organization continues to play a vital role in exposing London’s rich music history, as well as showcasing its artists and personnel. Their involvement has also helped keep the Forest City prominent in the Canadian music scene, at large.

Given their role and values, it’s with great excitement that the FCLMA announces the expansion of its area of eligibility. Musicians and supporters in centres to the north and west have been requesting broader representation, and it’s a request the FLCMA was more than happy to oblige. The expansion will take effect in preparation for the 2022-2023 award nominations.

Geographical representation of FCLMA’s extended area of representation.
Credit: Forest City London Music Awards

The catchment area will extend toward Sarnia, Chatham-Kent and Walpole Island in the west. It will also include Goderich, Wingham, North Perth and East Huron to the north, as well as Port Dover to the east.

“Many musicians and bands hike to London to perform and build their audience. Historically, musicians from these areas have been a vital part of the story of Southwestern Ontario’s music scene.”
– Janis Wallace; FCLMA Board Member

“It’s exciting for FCLMA to be able to include these areas in response to requests from musicians and supporters,” says FCLMA founder and chair, Mario Circelli.

“It increases our reach as a resource for musicians, our ability to provide learning and mentoring opportunities, and recognize emerging and established artists in a greater area. It also builds on historic cultural connections between the Forest City and other communities in the region.”

Mario Circelli; founder and chair of Forest City London Music Awards
Credit: Chris Montanini / Londoner / Postmedia Network

Along with the extended boundaries, nomination eligibility will also be expanded towards musicians in the aforementioned areas going into the 2022 nominations. The nominees within the expansion will then be included in the 2023 FCLMA celebrations.

Eligibility requirements will likewise be modified to accommodate the expansion, stating that individuals and groups must be from within the areas of eligibility in order to qualify. Also, a majority of a group’s members must be from those areas as well.


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