Charrlonmane Collective is the folk rock you’ve been waiting for

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When describing music, I sometimes like to use the anecdote of, “what if so-and-so holed up in a hotel room for a while and wrote an album”? It paints an idea and allows you to imagine how musical influences shape the work or artist in question, whether directly or indirectly.

Enter the Charrlonmane Collective.

Deriving influences from legends such as Neil Young, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd (among others), the anecdote mentioned above doesn’t really apply in this case. Instead of feeling like a who’s-who of musical traits coming together, it comes across more like a natural union. And it’s that sense of union that makes Charrlonmane Collective stand tall in their own boots.

Left to right: Carlo Hermann aka Charrlonmane (guitar and vocals), Matt Varey (drums) & Seigfreid Meier (bass and backing vocals)

So far, the band have released two albums. 2017’s Water Under The Bridge is instrumentally robust, exploring the terrains of rock, country, blues and folk, with electric guitar rhythm and leads. 2019’s Shelter is considerably more acoustic while still maintaining the essence and drive of the previous album.

Each album is solid from front to back and any fan or appreciator of traditional folk / rock will find a lot to hold onto. The band possesses a certain charm – the type of charm you might get from, say, stumbling across a hidden gem in your favourite uncle’s record collection. Or, something to that effect.

“Breathe” from 2019’s Shelter

There’s a lot to appreciate within their sound. Whether it’s the textured instrumentation or the allegorical imagery in the lyrics – like a carpenter measuring twice to make that impeccable cut, each song comes off feeling like a refined piece of craftsmanship.

So much more could be said but, in doing so, it would strip away the very charm that makes Charrlonmane Collective as captivating as they are. At the core of it, if you’re someone who appreciates a good fable or reflective message preserved in the spirit of classic folk and rock, you need look no further than the Charrlonmane Collective.