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Moore Ave Underground new single makes you want to stand up for what you believe in

REVERB_REVIEWS: Moore Ave Underground “Stand Up” b-side

After releasing their wildly energetic and uplifting EP, It's All In My Head, in April of this year, the boys from Moore Ave are back from the underground with a righteous new B-side -- "Stand Up"! While political in nature, the subtext of the song's message seems to reach a bit deeper.

LDN_REVERB - 'Virginia Is For Lovers', a look inside Carly Thomas's new single

REVERB_REVIEWS: Carly Thomas “Virginia is for Lovers” single

Carly Thomas is no stranger to the London music scene and the international scene as a whole. With absorbing lyrics and a voice that pierces your soul, she's back with "Virginia is for Lovers". Behind every great song, there's usually a story of equal measure. Find out more about her poignant, new single here.

REVERB_REVIEWS: Nostalgic Brightlights ‘Summer Nights‘ video single

If you've had your ears open in London's sprawling music scene, then Nostalgic Brightlights needs no introduction. For those of you just tuning in, they're the hometown alternative rock four-piece whose sounds can be heard resounding around town! Comprised of August Wickman (vocals, guitar, keyboard), Tyler Nichol (lead guitar), Sandra Vaughn (bass) and Chris DeMelo (drums), the group's been working steady since their beginnings in late 2015.  

REVERB_REVIEWS: Lost In Japan ‘Don’t Wanna Let Go‘ video single

Lost In Japan’s debut EP, Ghost & The Wolf, is well into its first year now. The release was highly anticipated among their expanding local fanbase and made an awesome first entry for the London band and it’s been keeping us going ever since. At the same time, however, it left us wanting more. Every once in a while, they’d hit us with a new track at some of their live performances, which helped scratch that itch. Rejoice - the wait for a new single is finally over!