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Reverb_Reviews: Dank City 'Living Dangerous'

REVERB_REVIEWS: Dank City ‘Living Dangerous‘ EP

For those who've had their ear to the ground in London's music scene the past year, Dank City's a name you've likely come across. If you've heard them to any capacity, it's no wonder why. Get ready to rock one out as they get set to unleash their eagerly awaited debut EP, 'Living Dangerously' on January 5th!

LDN_Reverb Castor Troys

REVERB_REVIEWS: The Castor Troys ‘Legends Never Die‘ EP

Have you heard of Hamilton's The Castor Troys? Well, it's about time that you do! The hard rockin' four piece from Hammer Town is on their way to London this Friday. They'll be blowing up the stage at Norma Jean's to promote their new EP, Legends Never Die!

LDN_Reverb Leanne Mayer Bittersweet Remedy EP review

REVERB_REVIEWS: Leanne Mayer ‘Bittersweet Remedy‘ EP

Employment specialist, mom, musician and all-around wonderful soul, Leanne Mayer's been busy tending to all facets of life. Maybe it's a culmination of her experiences, but she has an entrancing ability to pull you in, then envelope you in her amazing voice and emotionally-driven sounds. This is backed by her signature black ukulele, of course!

REVERB_REVIEWS: Lost Arts ‘Let Me Go‘ EP

Rock music - you know it and so it needs no introduction. Its definition has changed significantly over the years. Rock, at its core, sends us into an adrenaline rush with relatable lyrics coming to life with riffy, catchy rhythms. Enter London, Ontario's Lost Arts with their blazing debut, the Let Me Go EP, released September 14th!


You're driving down a road to a familiar place. Although some things might have changed in the meantime, it's a place that shaped who you are and, at the time, laid the groundwork for what is to become the present-day you. All the things you've learned, felt and experienced resurface and, although it's been ages since you've been here, it all feels so timeless. Welcome to the magic of Dakota Mill's debut, AGES.

REVERB_REVIEWS: John Muirhead ‘Foundational‘ EP

If you’re tapped into the London singer/songwriter scene, either by way of musicianship or just being a fan, you’ve likely heard John Muirhead’s name mentioned a time or three. The young musician has been receiving acclaim since his Yesterday's Smile EP debuted in 2016. His music is honest, genuine and, often times, can be taken as that ideal sound you’d love to have playing around the campfire on those relaxing, cool summer nights.