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Like an eagle soaring through the sunsoaked sky or a dolphin gliding through the cool, soothing seas, SXXN's new extended play, Heart Map, offers listeners a beckoning experience.

REVERB_REVIEWS: World's Grasp 'No Time For That'

REVERB_REVIEWS: World’s Grasp ‘No Time For That’

Lace up the combat boots and rock your favourite band patch-laden jean vests! World's Grasp, will get your adrenaline pumping with a unique blend of thrash, punk and old school hardcore. If you're looking for an album to mosh out to, here's why you should look no further than their debut EP, No Time For That!

Reverb_Reviews: Dank City 'Living Dangerous'

Reverb_Reviews: Dank City ‘Living Dangerous’

For those who've had their ear to the ground in London's music scene the past year, Dank City's a name you've likely come across. If you've heard them to any capacity, it's no wonder why. Get ready to rock one out as they get set to unleash their eagerly awaited debut EP, 'Living Dangerously' on January 5th!

LDN_Reverb Castor Troys

Reverb_Reviews: The Castor Troys ‘Legends Never Die’

Have you heard of Hamilton's The Castor Troys? Well, it's about time that you do! The hard rockin' four piece from Hammer Town is on their way to London this Friday. They'll be blowing up the stage at Norma Jean's to promote their new EP, Legends Never Die!