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REVERB_REVIEWS: Michael Trudgen ‘All The Pretty Things‘ album

Imagine walking into a venue... The stage isn't visible yet. In the distance, you hear what sounds like at least two classical guitarists playing off each other's melodies. Once the stage is in view, you might be a bit surprised to see this singular, immense figure with his acoustic guitar generating this rich, enchanting tapestry of tunes. This is not a trick. It certainly isn't an illusion. It's Michael Trudgen - a one man band and maestro speaking through his music. His upcoming album, All The Pretty Things, will only serve these notions further.

REVERB_REVIEWS: Glass Human ‘Futuristic Rare‘ album

Glass Human - the name packs symbolism front to back. It might speak to the fragility of human nature, fracturing the shell and exposing who we are on the inside - or does it? One thing's for sure, they're anything but fragile!

REVERB_REVIEWS: Zachary Gray ‘Night Hustle‘ EP

The Night Hustle LP is a Long Play, even if it's only available as a digital album. One could call this synthwave, or ambient, though it's also process-driven art. It's pretty exciting to hear interesting and captivating things on here like numbers stations, and cassette warping used as samples or even effects to the music itself.

REVERB_REVIEWS: Viscosity ‘Never Through‘ album

Riffy and full of energy, the boys from Viscosity are back to put Beamsville on the map once more with their newest drop, Never Through! You’re in for a sound that’s steeped in a healthy blend of 90’s rock influence that will get you moving whether you’re in your teens to mid-thirties (but not limited to)! Andrew’s sharp guitar, Joseph’s grungy vocals and Sebastian’s dizzying keyboard melodies dance harmoniously together to create a sound that’s both fresh and… well, viscous!