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REVERB_REVIEWS: Chase Drew ‘It Followed Me Home‘ album

We are a sum of our actions and experiences. Whatever we do, the resulting consequences follow us wherever we go and shape who we become in the process. Take a walk alongside Chase Drew as he chronicles his life so far in his gripping debut album, It Followed Me Home.

REVERB_REVIEWS: The Beach Bats 'Last Resort'

REVERB_REVIEWS: The Beach Bats ‘Last Resort‘ album

You're driving for hours as the sun begins sinking slowly into the horizon. The air conditioning isn't working, neither is the convertible roof - the heat is unbearable. The tank's running on 'E' and you haven't seen a station in miles. All the hotels seem to be occupied - as indicated by the dim, neon red glow of the 'NO VACANCY' signs as you pass by. Suddenly, you see a structure in the distance and hope your tank can carry you that far.  Arriving, you pull into a deserted parking, hosting a seemingly abandoned roadside motel structurally reminiscent of a pyramid. The place gives off an eerie vibe, but you feel compelled to check it out. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the Last Resort.

REVERB_REVIEWS: AWARDS ‘Warm Computers‘ album

It’s time to unlearn everything you’ve learned about conventional hip hop. Approaching the culture from a unique angle and re-building the genre from the ground up is the international alternative…

REVERB_REVIEWS: Michael Trudgen ‘All The Pretty Things‘ album

Imagine walking into a venue... The stage isn't visible yet. In the distance, you hear what sounds like at least two classical guitarists playing off each other's melodies. Once the stage is in view, you might be a bit surprised to see this singular, immense figure with his acoustic guitar generating this rich, enchanting tapestry of tunes. This is not a trick. It certainly isn't an illusion. It's Michael Trudgen - a one man band and maestro speaking through his music. His upcoming album, All The Pretty Things, will only serve these notions further.