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Meet Dave Semple, local luthier extraordinaire

Meet Dave Semple, local luthier extraordinaire

The London resident specializes in building the custom guitar of your dreams. According to Wikipedia, a luthier is “a craftsperson who builds and/or repairs string instruments that have a neck…

Are we about to experience a vinyl drought?

Given their heightened demand and slow production, projections say “yes” Are you a vinyl-head? Is it the preferred way you choose to collect and consume music both new and old?…


Branding 101: Websites and why your band should use one

Bands and websites - what gives? You've been hearing more and more about musicians leaning towards getting a website, but why? It kinda seems like a cash grab for service providers, especially when social media is free. But there's gotta be a reason they're doing it. Here's three quick reasons why having a website for your band can be more than just something pretty to look at.