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London death metal veterans, Blood Of Christ, unleash new album after 14 years

The 2010s have been blessed with the return of many classic metal bands. The global metal scene is thriving and is only getting stronger. What used to be underground and independent music has become so big that it rivals mainstream metal labels. Canada, of course, has played a substantial role in this - even London!

The Nothingz are quickly becoming something in the local scene

Erratic but moving. Abrasive but smooth. The Nothingz, consisting of Daniel Run (guitar / drums) and Ronnie Edwards (drums / guitar) are a melodic contradiction, to say the least. It's not easy to pigeon hole them in to one genre, nor is it fair. One thing's for sure, they make it work - and make it work well!

R. Flex is putting his flex on the game

Have you ever listened to a genre and thought, “this isn’t for me”, but came across that one artist with the power to change your mind? I mean, everyone has their preferences but it sometimes takes that one unique individual or group to alter your perception.