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LDN_Reverb Local Music Spotlight Shhh

LDN Music City Spotlight – Shhh

About Shhh Shhh was in a band in grade 12 and was kicked out because she couldn’t play any instruments. She has since toured the UK and Europe, played at…

Ngajuana keeps pushing bars in London hip hop

There are many seasoned spitters in the city of trees, our local scene is killin' it with gifted emcees. London rhymer, Shad, perhaps the most known, is one of a few rap artists that helped put London's hip-hop culture on the map. Among other contributors, including Casper The Ghost and JR Fillion, there also stands local vet, Ngajuana - an incredibly humble individual and accomplished artist in his own right with a very respectable hustle when it comes to the game.

The Universe Featuring Ray: London’s One Woman Music Machine

The first time I saw Ray, I remember being in awe of her. Looking back, a group of us were sitting around a fire at a summer party, when suddenly, this radiant hippy rocker chick waltzed in and plopped down across the fire.  She beamed at us all and began singing her heart out. With only her face and guitar visible from the warm flames of the fire, we sang along and soaked in her vibe. Since then, I am grateful to have seen her perform on several occasions.

Take flight with London doom metal trio, The White Swan

This is another example of London's bubbling underground metal scene, beneath the surface reminiscent of magma, particularly when it's the likes of local doom band White Swan. It's the kind of bluesy, thick sound that groups such Kyuss and Electric Wizard went for, but a little bit slicker, with a very modern feel, and a few surprises.

Tranquil and absorbing, let the songs of Psalm Trees take you to a peaceful place

Imagine this... It's the dawn of a new day. The sun is but a few minutes from rising and you're immersed in a feeling like you've got the entire world to yourself while everyone else is still fast asleep. You walk to the beach from your favourite getaway (perhaps a welcoming family cottage) and proceed to walk down to its shores. Removing your socks and shoes, you sit with your feet in the wet sand as the gentle waves wash up to greet your toes. The feeling is complimented by the cool morning breeze while it graces your face. At this point, no problem in the world seems to exist and you're locked into a moment of absolute peace. Transform those notions into sound and you've become part of Psalm Trees's deep, transcendental experience.

Gypsy Ghosts: the sonorous and sinister sextet

Envision yourself in the middle of nowhere, hours away from home, stuffed in a tiny venue. People around you are getting wild off anything you can think of, and you’re…