REVERB_REVIEWS: Viscosity ‘Never Through‘ album

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Riffy and full of energy, the boys from Viscosity are back to put Beamsville on the map once more with their newest drop, Never Through! You’re in for a sound that’s steeped in a healthy blend of 90’s rock influence that will get you moving whether you’re in your teens to mid-thirties (but not limited to)! Andrew’s sharp guitar, Joseph’s grungy vocals and Sebastian’s dizzying keyboard melodies dance harmoniously together to create a sound that’s both fresh and… well, viscous!

Rather than adapting a style that’s been cloned a thousand times before, Viscosity tried something different that made for a solid first go with 2017’s Eyes Wide Open. It gave us listeners a chance to hear a new twist on what was becoming an overdone genre, and came at us songs with written out of sheer fun and enjoyment. It was reminiscent of late 80’s chuggy, pop party punk while the keyboards added that much-needed flair. Overall, it was a unique approach that created a self-defining style.

June 4th marked the beginning of a new chapter for Viscosity, having released Never Through. They’ve taken more of a turn towards progressive 90’s alternative grunge, all while maintaining the characteristics that make Viscosity who they are. It’s clear the band came a long way, having delivered a tighter, more refined sound. You can inherently sense Viscosity is about achieving growth and pushing their skill and musicianship with this offering. There’s more confidence and cohesion with this album, from its concept to its instrumentation. The songwriting process this time around feels more meditated and emotional, with a solid, more direct tone overarching the album. Rather than using keyboards to accentuate Viscosity’s party rock-ish sound on the previous album, they serve to accentuate the more mature atmosphere Never Through conveys.

While it’s a solid listen front to back, “Black Room”, “Knife” and “Someone Like Me” stand out as good bangers. Tracks like “Everything That I Say”, “Take My Hand” and “Tear Down” demonstrate their diversity and atmospheric range on this album. I’m definitely playing it again and looking forward to their next show!

Overall, Never Through is not only a good listen, it’s also a step in the right direction in terms of artistic growth. It’s important to demonstrate a certain aspect of maturity between albums, and this can be done without compromising up your style or direction. Viscosity most certainly did with this piece and it’ll be interesting to see where they go from here.

Viscosity’s hitting up much of Southwestern Ontario to support Never Through. Show them some support by following them on Facebook. While you’re at it, check out their new album and be sure to hit up a show – they’re a wild time!