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Sean is a musician and local music supporter. With several super underground projects under his belt, spanning from hip-hop to grind metal, his love for music speaks loud through his words.

REVERB_REVIEWS: World's Grasp 'No Time For That'

REVERB_REVIEWS: World’s Grasp ‘No Time For That’ EP

Lace up the combat boots and rock your favourite band patch-laden jean vests! World's Grasp, will get your adrenaline pumping with a unique blend of thrash, punk and old school hardcore. If you're looking for an album to mosh out to, here's why you should look no further than their debut EP, No Time For That!

REVERB_REVIEWS: Zachary Gray ‘Night Hustle‘ EP

The Night Hustle LP is a Long Play, even if it's only available as a digital album. One could call this synthwave, or ambient, though it's also process-driven art. It's pretty exciting to hear interesting and captivating things on here like numbers stations, and cassette warping used as samples or even effects to the music itself.

Take flight with London doom metal trio, The White Swan

This is another example of London's bubbling underground metal scene, beneath the surface reminiscent of magma, particularly when it's the likes of local doom band White Swan. It's the kind of bluesy, thick sound that groups such Kyuss and Electric Wizard went for, but a little bit slicker, with a very modern feel, and a few surprises.