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Colleen is a copywriter and supporter of the London music scene. She has been using her skills to connect and spread awareness of local musicians in the scene.

LDN_Reverb Getting to know Shoobies

Getting to know Shoobies!

Reverb Teamster, Colleen Watson, has her ear to the ground, spotlighting interesting, rockin' gems in London's vast music scene. One of her more recent encounters was with local psychedelic surf rockers, Shoobies - let's get to know 'em.

The Universe Featuring Ray: London’s One Woman Music Machine

The first time I saw Ray, I remember being in awe of her. Looking back, a group of us were sitting around a fire at a summer party, when suddenly, this radiant hippy rocker chick waltzed in and plopped down across the fire.  She beamed at us all and began singing her heart out. With only her face and guitar visible from the warm flames of the fire, we sang along and soaked in her vibe. Since then, I am grateful to have seen her perform on several occasions.