An inside look at Rose Cora Perry's new EP, Other Side Of The Story

An inside look at Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold’s new EP, Other Side Of The Story

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An inside look at Rose Cora Perry's new EP, Other Side Of The Story

Rose Cora Perry gets straight to the point. That’s something she does with the greatest of ease and it’s something anyone who knows her would expect.

“It’s very different from my last two albums,” she said of her latest EP, “because both of those were done as a solo singer-songwriter endeavour. When I formed (her band) The Truth Untold for the purposes of going on tour, of course we took solo material that I had written and kind of rockified it, for lack of a better term, in order to perform it live and give you that extra energy.”

An inside look at Rose Cora Perry's new EP, Other Side Of The Story

So for her EP, Other Side Of The Story, she took four of her best solo songs and gave them a kick. “It’s my material still, but it demonstrates what the band is all about as opposed to just me as a solo artist.

“I think people in general like me being a rock frontwoman. I think they’re used to that and comfortable with that and I’m appreciative of that.”

Perry singled out The Truth Untold drummer, Tyler Randall’s, gentle push back toward her rock roots, saying he gave her a new appreciation for distortion.

Current single, “Easy Prey” from the upcoming¬†Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold EP,¬†Other Side Of The Story

“I think a lot of people missed me being a rock frontwoman because that’s what I was most identified with, and so I’m really excited to put out this collaboration that Tyler and I put together and to reintroduce myself as a rock musician and to give a proper introduction to the band and what we’re all about.”

She has been described as singing like Benatar and playing guitar like Joan Jett and that talent and stage presence has thrusted her and her band into the historic spotlight of the famous Whisky a Go-Go in Los Angeles, major festivals throughout the United States and last year’s Warped Tour in Toronto.

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