About LDN_Reverb

Based in London, Ontario, Canada, LDN_Reverb is a social enterprise doubling as a platform aimed at spreading awareness and visibility of emerging regional talent. We also act as a network between musicians, as well as other local industry resources and support systems. In addition, we provide reviews, spotlights and other awesome content to keep you posted on London’s righteous sounds!

Have you wondered why we call ourselves LDN_Reverb? In the digital age, social media is everywhere, keeping us connected through the World Wide Web. To reflect this, we came up with a cool, unique name which represents our city and its scene. As such, our name is also our social media handle – handy! Just type “ldn reverb” into Google, and you’ll find us!

Our slogan, “Your Music Scene”, was chosen to give London and its music fans ownership of their amazing music scene. In turn, this fosters a community among those who contribute their music to the world and those who engage with it. We are honoured to have such incredible talent within our city and it’s time to let London hear what you have to offer!


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