6 picks for holiday gifts: 2019 Edition (Part Two)

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Earlier this week, we mentioned three rockin’ albums that make great gifts for the music buff in your family.

This time, we’re back to bring you three extended plays that are also deserving of a place under your tree this holiday season!

In case you missed it, the link to Part One of our 6 Picks for Holiday Gifts series is down down below.

Moore Ave UndergroundIt’s All In My Head

Aylmer’s Moore Ave Underground brought their highly anticipated debut EP to light in April of 2019. With their sound rooted in early 2000’s pop punk, It’s All In My Head is a glowing collection of inspiring tracks focusing on themes surrounding mental health and wellness. Spawning singles for fan-favourite tracks, “Red” and “High Functioning”, the EP strikes a balance between fun and lively, as well as thoughtful and empowering. If you’re looking for high-energy feel good vibes, be sure to cop a copy for the holidays!

Strange Breed – November Lights

Launching into the regional hip hop scene with unprecedented force is none other than Strange Breed with his EP offering, November Lights. If there’s two words to assign to this release, they’re heart and bars. From speed rap body tracks to thoughtful spoken word poetry, this EP is as diverse as Strange Breed himself. From the titular track, “November Lights” to “Sincerely, The Tragic”, there is either a style or message that will resonate with just about anyone. What’s more, the physical disc copy also features eight tracks from the “Monophobia” EP! It’s a deal, it’s a steal, it’s an EP that keeps it real!

Celestial CryptXenomonarch

Crash landing in the town of Ingersoll, the alien shredders known as Celestial Crypt have unleashed a monolithic metal offering in the form of Xenomonarch! Forged from the influences of legendary metal outfits Megadeth, Strapping Young Lad, Black Sabbath and more, this EP is a testament to Celestial Crypt’s ability in how they deliver diverse, pulse-pounding metal. From “Retribution” to “Empire in the Sky”, this is the perfect gift for the headbanger in the family!

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