6 picks for holiday gifts: 2019 Edition (Part One)

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2019 has been an exciting year for music in and around the area, with a whole slew of new albums and EPs that came to fruition which are worthy of your consumption.

While the wish list is certainly a long one, here are three albums that are guaranteed to make for great stocking stuffers this holiday season!

Part Two, featuring three 2019 EP releases, is on the way — stay tuned!

REVERB_REVIEWS: The Beach Bats 'Last Resort'

The Beach BatsLast Resort

Hamilton’s The Beach Bats have put together a collection of classics in the making. Imagine The Doors and Jimmy Buffett getting loose on a few salty margaritas in a cheap hotel then writing an album together — you’re just starting to get the idea. Steeped in a rich 70’s rock sound, Last Resort expertly fuses elements of jazz, rock, punk, doom metal (and much more) which meld seamlessly into each respective track’s immersive tone and atmosphere. From “How Long” to “New Home”, this album will sink deep into your ears and become an easy favourite.

REVERB_Reviews The Dyadics "Love's Devolution"

The DyadicsLove’s Devolution

It’s been a good four and some years since London’s The Dyadics graced us with their last offering. 2019 saw them come back in a whole new, unprecedented way! Dripping with electrifying rock, Love’s Devolution is a ripping ride packed with punchy bangers. From saucy solos to sultry vocals, this album will keep your head swinging and foot stomping with “Everything I Need”, “I Need Love” and “I Can’t Understand” — but it doesn’t stop there . Warning: once you put this in your system, you won’t want to take it out!

Nostalgic BrightlightsTime Machine

Nostalgic Brightlights came back hard in 2019 with this sophomore release! Grounded in the roots of late 80’s and early 90’s alternative rock, Time Machine showcases the London band’s musical growth at their most robust. What you know and love about them remains fundamentally the same, this time incorporating elements of punk, heavy metal and hip hop to keep things fresh and exciting. Front to back, this album is sure to get your body rockin’ with tracks like “Blank New Slate”, “Bonneville” and “Through the Roof”, among the rest. The name of the album couldn’t be more fitting since it’s a release totally worth revisiting time and time again!