6 MORE folk artists that bring warm vibes for the winter season

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With winter fast approaching, here are some MORE heartwarming folk acts to play by the fireplace.

It’s only been getting colder since our last instalment. So, it might be a safe bet you’re looking for more music to help keep them warm vibes going!

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So, once again, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing as the weather makes a turn for the colder, here are 6 more artists that bring warm vibes for the winter.

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Credit: Linda Hermann

The Charrlonmane Collective are an alternative folk rock trio with an “old soul”. Built on the foundations of rock, it’s the overlying acoustic tone that lends a very modest, organic feel to their sound. Steeped in rich metaphors about the coming of age, their lyrics focus on themes of reflection and introspection. The complete package provides a calming experience, offering reassurance, like watching the snow fall from the shelter of a warm cottage.


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Credit: Nina Konjini

Traveling coast to coast, moving across borders, there’s something about Carly Thomas’s music that reaches deep. The singer-songwriter implements strong allegory in her lyrics, in conjunction with her life experiences, that seems transporting. Meshing her messages with robust folk rock-esque compositions, it adds a texture to her sound that you can almost feel. That alone lends a sense of depth and immersion to her sound that makes it seem as though you’re sharing her experiences firsthand. So, wherever you are, either near or far, no one warms the heart like Carly Thomas.


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Credit: Kevan Carmen

Newport Electric merge components of maritime and ragtime, then lay it over the foundation of folk rock to foster a rich, dynamic sound. Adding to their range, are the lyrics and themes that generally surround Canadian culture and lore, but not limited to. No matter where you’re from, Newport Electric have a very welcoming element to their music fit for the season. Furthering that notion are the swift guitar solos and swinin’ piano licks. So, when the winter blues start chilling your bones, turn up the heat with Newport Electric.


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Credit: Owen Cherry

Winter often brings about a search within ourselves — a search for something deeper. For contemporary folk singer-songwriter, Luke Michielsen, introspection and self-exploration come naturally. Channeling life’s experiences into thoughtful music, Michielsen connects with listeners in a direct sort of way. Whether it’s through cultural commentary or digging deep into the human condition, there’s an undeniable relatability in Michielsen’s messages. As times get tough and the weather gets tougher, Luke Michielsen’s music is that break from those long, cold days you’ve been looking for.


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Credit: Buio Assis

There’s something about winter that brings upon a sense of profundity and rumination. Not many can capture those sentiments quite like Tragedy Ann. The folk duo packs enthralling messages into gentle, moving pieces of music. From Braden Phelan’s soft strums and vocals to Liv Cazzola’s calming accordion and harmonies, Tragedy Ann brings warmth to the soul. In times when we feel lost or uncertain, Tragedy Ann will shine a warm light through those dark winter nights.

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