6 artists that bring warm vibes for the winter season

6 folk artists that bring warm vibes for the winter season

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6 artists that bring warm vibes for the winter season
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With winter fast approaching, here are some heartwarming acts to play by the fireplace.

When it starts to get cold, we naturally gravitate to warmth. As the serene scenery of winter begins to set in, there’s a certain vibe that adds to the gentle, snowy atmosphere.

Whether you’re sitting with the family by the fireplace, taking a winter trip to the cottage, or enjoying the comforts of your dwelling, here are 6 artists that bring warm vibes for the winter.

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Credit: Michaela Divine Photography

What happens when you combine classically trained vocalists together with a former punk rock drummer? You get a perfect pair! Rather, The Pairs! Backgrounds aside, The Pairs create a wonderful world of musical rhythm and harmony, backed by relatable, poignant messages. In 2019, The Pairs released their charming debut album, Noise, that continues to charm hearts to this day. Like a hot apple cider with a cinnamon stick, The Pairs are the perfect flavour to keep you warm and cushy this season.


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Credit: Eman Be

Known for his signature fingerstyle approach, Michael Trudgen whisks listeners away with soothing acoustic melodies. Trudgen is praised for his exceptional skill and creative approach to instrumental music. What’s more, his gentle, yet technical style forms serene tonal landscapes suitable for a hot cup of tea by the fireplace. Whether you’re surrounded by friends, family, or in your own solitude, Michael Trudgen is guaranteed to bring much-needed warmth for the winter.


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Credit: Alex Lam

Described as a wandering troubador and campfire storyteller, John Muirhead is widely recognized for his lighthearted brand of folk music. From coast to coast, his music leaves an everlasting impression on his audiences wherever he goes. Like a nice bowl of chicken soup, Muirhead’s poignant songwriting and gently delightful brand of folk will warm your soul.


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Credit: Matt Penning

‘Personal’ and ‘profound’ are two of many words one can use to describe Deni Gauthier’s artistry. The award-winning, world-traveling visual artist and singer-songwriter crafts heartfelt music from the fabrics of the human experience. Placing a strong emphasis on the value of family, love and togetherness, Gauthier’s style of easy listening folk music is warm and inviting. So, grab a set of headphones, curl up on the couch in your favourite snuggy (if you have one), and let Deni Gauthier’s music do the rest.


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Credit: Sean Stanley

Setting fire to stages the world over with his soul and energy is none other than Australian-born, Ontario-based C.J. Lee. He’s certainly the rum and eggnog of this list due to his ability to turn up the heat! With his sizzling cajun-style vocals, ripping harmonica and fiery banjo, Lee sets the perfect tone for those spirited seasonal gatherings with his hearty brand of railroad folk music. If you’re looking to warm the place up, throw another log on the fire and let sounds of C.J. Lee keep you company this season.


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