halloween music 2

5 MORE hauntingly delightful music makers fit for Halloween

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halloween music 2
Photo credit: Berklee Online

Halloween is practically here, with that are some more musical acts that bring the tricks and treats!

Hopefully you had a chance to sneak a peek at our first five entries for this list. If not, click here for the first part of this segment.

If you’re looking for some more Halloween goodness dug up from the underground, read on! These artists are sure to put the shivers in your spine and give you a good fright. Moreover, they make for a great soundtrack to your Halloween night!

Again, the criteria for this list focuses on groups and musicians with a visual / theatrical component to their presence, compose music that is Halloween-ish in tone, or both!

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Photo credit: Pett Owner

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Hailing from the ditches of Southwest Oxford County, Filthy Kitty is a crass and calamitous punk rock cool cat that’s living up his mantra to “F-CKIN’ PARTY, GOD DAMMIT” — even if it takes all nine lives to do it! You can catch him playing live or hitting the beat on the street through his YouTube channel. From riff rippin’ to rhyme spittin’, ya never really know what you’re gonna get with this wildcard wildcat! One thing’s for sure, you’re bound to cough up a furball or two laughing at Filthy Kitty’s expletive-addled antics and musical makings!

Video credit: Filthy Kitty; YouTube


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Photo credit: Linda Martin

The Thing From Outer Space disguises themselves as human beings, blending inconspicuously into society. Prior to establishing their base in London, Ontario, these celestial terrestrials observed surf music and its effects on the human mind from their mothership positioned somewhere in the cosmos. Without warning, they will invade nearby venues and warp the minds of unsuspecting show-goers into a foot-movin’ frenzy! Packed with surf classics and wavy originals, they’ll get you groovin’ with their far-out surf punk instrumentals!

Video credit: The Thing From Outer Space; YouTube


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Photo credit: Sergio Mazzotta

“Normality” is a term most foreign to Sinkdrain. Their compositions are an amalgam of genres, intricately woven and delivered in mind-bending soundscapes. In addition to their music, Sinkdrain’s obscurely captivating performances combined with their subject matter reveal a folkloric tale about their journeys across spacetime. Coming from the furthest expanses of the universe, Sinkdrain converges the elements of music, visuals and theatre into a formula that is truly out of this world. Best described as dark carnival folk, with underlying messages of positivity and personal growth, Sinkdrain challenges musical conventions and redefines the live music experience, with full emphasis on “experience”.

Video credit: Sinkdrain; YouTube


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Photo credit: Layla Theres (Preston)

Rising from deep beneath the soils of St. Thomas, Ontario, is none other than Talbotville Gore. The phantasmic five-piece merges the characteristics of black, thrash and death metal while implementing theatrics into their shows. As a matter of fact, their army of dark disciples continues to grow with each menacing performance. Beware, they are preparing to unleash their debut album, The Five Stakes, on Devil’s Night! You’ve been warned…

Video credit: Talbotville Gore; YouTube


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Photo credit: Mandi Martini for Statik Industrial TV

Dark and daring, Double Eyelid is a goth noire group that is devilishly delightful. Weaving fabrics of post punk, death rock and synthwave, their distinct sound can be described as a well-crafted macrame of macabre, yet moving music. Additionally, Double Eyelid’s hauntingly groovy atmosphere is further enhanced by Ian Revell’s entrancingly alluring vocal style. Let’s just say, a vampire’s dance party wouldn’t be complete without their music on the playlist. After the release of their exalted debut album, Seven Years, in 2014, Double Eyelid sank deep into the shadows. They have recently re-emerged with their chillingly superb cover of AC/DC’s “Night Prowler”, just in time for Halloween!

Video credit: Double Eyelid; YouTube

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