5 hauntingly delightful music makers fit for Halloween

5 hauntingly delightful music makers fit for Halloween

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Photo credit: Yarygin/Shutterstock

With Halloween just around the bend, here are some musical acts that bring the tricks and treats!

The time of ghosts n’ ghouls is among us. What better way to celebrate than to dig up some tunes from some acts that keep the Halloween vibe going?

The criteria for this list is pretty straightforward. These groups and musicians either add a visual / theatrical component to their presence, compose music that is Halloween-ish in tone, or both!

From folk to metal, and beyond, here are 5 hauntingly delightful music makers fit for Halloween!


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Photo credit: Captain Finn & The Salty Sea Dogs

Meet Captain Finn & The Salty Sea Dogs — a roving band of bardic brigands here t’ entertain, excite, an’ delight! When ye see this rambunctious crew, yer in fer seven seas worth o’ fun! With a trove of sea shanties, Irish folk tunes and modern classics in store, Captain Finn & The Salty Sea Dogs have what it takes (and more) t’bring smiles to all ye landlubbers out there — YAAAARGH!

Video credit: Captain Finn & The Salty Sea Dogs; YouTube


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Photo credit: Karl Lundbald

Enter the Celestial Crypt, where Gortooth Magmablood and his intergalactic minions of metal reside. Well, between there and the small town of Ingersoll, Ontario. Together, their blend of thrash, groove, doom and death metal collide bringing with it a concoction of shreddiness not of this planet. In 2019, the group have unleashed the Xenomonarch EP to rid our world of evil and corruption! Vermin of the world unite, Celestial Crypt is here to save us from ourselves!

Video credit: Celestial Crypt; YouTube


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Photo credit: Fiona Bowden

Dr. Snik, The Sonic Surgeon, has risen from the grave to bring you spooky grooves from the Netherworld. A collection of song/soundscapes brought from the Pits of Hell, the Dark Jungles of the Mind and the Outer Reaches of the Galaxy… Dr. Snik has written music for as long as he’s played it and has adapted his craft into writing horror/Halloween scores in the digital format. His soundscapes will take you on a haunting audible odyssey. Listeners, you’ve been warned. Once you cross the audible thresholds of the Netherworld, there is no turning back…

Video credit: Dr. Snik: The Sonic Surgeon; YouTube


Photo credit: Amber Johnson

Little is known about El Toro, the enigmatic musical Luchador of London. What is known, is wherever he goes, he surely entertains spectators with his quirky, captivating blend of trip hop, electronic and ambient music. You never know what to expect or where to expect him — that’s part of the charm! El Toro can occasionally be found appearing at shows, handing out roses to the senoritas, taking pictures with fans or doing pop-up performances. But, be on the lookout — the mysterious masked man is as quick to show as he is quick to go!

Video credit: LDN_Reverb; YouTube


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Photo credit: Mason Van Gaalen

Brought together by their combined love for punk and rock ā€˜nā€™ roll, these possessed musicians have joined together to infuse their old school rockabilly-esque sound with horrific inspiration that will keep you awake… and on your feet dancing the night away! Make sure to check out their new EP Horror! Horror! Scream All About It! and catch them live at an upcoming show — if you dare…

Video credit: Running From Daylight; YouTube