Monthly Archives: September 2019

The Thing From Outer Space set to invade Surf-O-Rama 4 this Friday

The Thing From Outer Space is invading London, Ontario's Richmond Tavern this Friday. Do not fear -- they come in the name of righteous surf! Little green men though they are not, they still deliver that cosmic groove. Let's get to know the celestial surf rockers known as The Thing From Outer Space!

REVERB_REVIEWS: Elle G “Darkhorse” video single

Love. It knows no bounds. It's a strong, complicated and compelling emotion we try to relentlessly rationalize, yet its power is absolute and uncompromising. What does love mean to you and what would you be willing to go through to protect that irreplaceable bond? Join Elle G as she fights for the beauty and power of love in her debut single, "Darkhorse".

REVERB_REVIEWS: Adam Cousins ‘Dirt Road‘ EP

Dirt roads. More than just a long stretch of gravel, the symbolism behind these two words hold significance to a lot of us. We've all been down one before, not always knowing what lies ahead. After all the bumps and the settled dust, we can look back and see how far we've come. Serving as a potent metaphor for our own journeys, join Adam Cousins, of Brussels, Ontario, as he takes us down his path with the Dirt Road EP.