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REVERB_REVIEWS: The Beach Bats 'Last Resort'

REVERB_REVIEWS: The Beach Bats ‘Last Resort‘ album

You're driving for hours as the sun begins sinking slowly into the horizon. The air conditioning isn't working, neither is the convertible roof - the heat is unbearable. The tank's running on 'E' and you haven't seen a station in miles. All the hotels seem to be occupied - as indicated by the dim, neon red glow of the 'NO VACANCY' signs as you pass by. Suddenly, you see a structure in the distance and hope your tank can carry you that far.  Arriving, you pull into a deserted parking, hosting a seemingly abandoned roadside motel structurally reminiscent of a pyramid. The place gives off an eerie vibe, but you feel compelled to check it out. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the Last Resort.

Good Vibes Only Fest 2019: Meet Archer+Kow!

Good Vibes Only Fest 2019: Meet Archer+Kow!

Just over a week from now, Good Vibes Only Fest 2019 will be kicking off. This year's festival wouldn't be complete without the inclusion of Archer+Kow! Let's get to know them, their initiative in the community and how they're bringing their brand of good vibes to the festival!

Good Vibes Only Fest 2019: Let's meet the headliners

Good Vibes Only Fest 2019: Let’s meet the headliners!

With just over two weeks to go until Good Vibes Only Fest 2019 puts a smile on our faces, there's going to be a plethora of great performances. Every great show needs great headliners to bring it all together. So, without further ado, let's meet The Soul Motivators and Mob Barley & The Railers!