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REVERB_REVIEWS: World's Grasp 'No Time For That'

REVERB_REVIEWS: World’s Grasp ‘No Time For That’ EP

Lace up the combat boots and rock your favourite band patch-laden jean vests! World's Grasp, will get your adrenaline pumping with a unique blend of thrash, punk and old school hardcore. If you're looking for an album to mosh out to, here's why you should look no further than their debut EP, No Time For That!

LDN_REVERB - 'Virginia Is For Lovers', a look inside Carly Thomas's new single

REVERB_REVIEWS: Carly Thomas “Virginia is for Lovers” single

Carly Thomas is no stranger to the London music scene and the international scene as a whole. With absorbing lyrics and a voice that pierces your soul, she's back with "Virginia is for Lovers". Behind every great song, there's usually a story of equal measure. Find out more about her poignant, new single here.