Cyphier is back to free your mind with the Cerebral Warfare EP

“Think for yourself” - what does that even mean anymore? Day after day, we’re being pummelled with toxic information and exaggerated imagery telling us what to buy and who to be. The world is littered with systemic agendas designed to dissuade us from seeing the world on our own terms. Well, Cyphier (Louis Cyphier on vocals and Jason Karlsson on backing vocals and programming) are back to remind us to fight for our freedom of thought with their new EP, Cerebral Warfare, on Electric Bat Records!

Ben Heffernan’s new EP “Home” is all heart

Do you remember the home where you grew up? Some of us might see it as the place we started and ended our days, where we came back to reflect on life’s experiences and took steps to forge our futures. The four walls that surrounded us as we grew chronicled our history and provided a sanctuary that helped shape and mould who we are. Local singer/songwriter, Ben Heffernan, invites you inside with his new EP, “Home” and welcomes you to hear his story.

You won’t wanna let go of Lost In Japan’s new video

Lost In Japan’s debut EP, Ghost & The Wolf, is well into its first year now. The release was highly anticipated among their expanding local fanbase and made an awesome first entry for the London band and it’s been keeping us going ever since. At the same time, however, it left us wanting more. Every once in a while, they’d hit us with a new track at some of their live performances, which helped scratch that itch. Rejoice - the wait for a new single is finally over!

#MusicTalks Social Media Tune-Up Rundown (Part 3: The URL)

Welcome back, fellows! You picked a good week to catch the next installment of the #MusicTalks Social Media Tune-Up (brought to you by the awesome folks at London Music Office and Murdoch Entertainment). We’re going to be discussing the Holy Grail of band brand promotional tools… the Almighty Uniform Resource Locator (URL)! In other words, the thing.

REVERB EXCLUSIVE: Running From Daylight discuss their new album, “Elvis Ain’t Dead Yet”

It’s been almost two weeks since Running From Daylight dropped their offering, “Elvis Ain’t Dead Yet” at Call The Office alongside Colorado psychobilly legends, The Living Deads. Now that some time’s passed and you let those new, rockin’ sounds sink in, we’re stoked to bring you an exclusive introspective on how the album came about and what went in to it.

Mirage destroys the stage for their Rum Runners debut

Last night was one hell of a show! The London sisters of grunge punk hit the stage and mesmerized the crowd with their brand of intensity. Opening for headliners, The Lazys (Australia), Pike (guitars+vocals), Brick (bass+vocals) and Bubba (drums) didn't hold back and left the audience electrified! Here's some highlights from last night's show: